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CIT3SX1R1G05KX (Order no. 096560)

Read/write head CIT3 G05 with serial interface

  • Serial interface RS232
  • Active face can be adjusted to 5 different positions
  • Standard housing according to EN 50041
  • Connection terminals
CIT3SX1R1G05KX (Order no. 096560)


Serial interface

The individual commands for reading and writing the data carrier are in accordance with the common 3964R protocol and are described in the EUCHNER CIS3 system manual (order no. 071 652). For data carrier programming away from the system, a convenient WINDOWS®-compatible PC software application is available (Transponder Coding software, see page 41).

Standard housing

The size of the robust housing in degree of protection IP65 is compliant with the standard EN 50041. The division into 3 assemblies permits easy mounting and straightforward replacement.

Mounting instructions

On mounting the read/write head and data carrier, it is to be ensured the crossing direction as per the direction of the arrow on the active face of the read/write head is observed.


On the use of a screened cable the connecting cable for the serial interface is allowed to be max. 5 m long.

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Pin assignment table
Pin assignment table

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings
1Active face
2Crossing direction
3LED status indication
4Shield spring
mCenter offset
sRead distance

Connection examples

Connection examples

Technical data


EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20

Operating and display elements

LED display
Green operational
Yellow Data carrier in actuating range

Electrical connection values

Operating voltage DC 20 ... 24 ... 28 V DC (All the electrical connections must either be isolated from the mains supply by a safety transformer according IEC/ EN 61558-2-6 with limited output voltage in the event of a fault, or by other equivalent isolation measures.)
Current consumption max. 140 mA

Mechanical values and environment

Connection type Screw terminal
Cable length max. 5 m for RS232
Degree of protection IP65
Ambient temperature 0 ... +55 °C
Housing Plastic


Data protocol 3964R via RS232 8 data bits, even parity
Data rate 9,6 kbit/s
Date interface RS232

In combination with data carrier CIS3P16D08KH16YSNOU, CIS3P16D08KH16YSNOP

Read distance 0 ... 5 ... 14 mm
Center offset
at 25 °C, read distance s=5 mm, in X direction -10 ... 10 mm
at 25 °C, read distance s=5 mm, in Y direction -6 ... 6 mm
Write distance
at 25 °C 0 ... 5 ... 9 mm

In combination with data carrier CIS3P35X16SH16YHNOU, CIS3P35X16SH16YHNOP, CIS3P35X16SH16YVNOU, CIS3P35X16SH16YVNOP

Read distance
at 25 °C 0 ... 7 ... 18 mm
Center offset
at 25 °C, read distance s=5 mm, in Y direction -8 ... 8 mm
at 25 °C, read distance s=5 mm, in X direction -10 ... 10 mm
Write distance
at 25 °C 0 ... 5 ... 10 mm



Complete package

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  • The operating instructions and any additions to the operating instructions or brief instructions
  • Any data sheets to supplement the operating instructions
  • The declaration of conformity
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Ordering data

Ordernumber 096560
Item designation CIT3SX1R1G05KX
Gross weight 0,372kg
Customs tariff number 85389099990
ECLASS 27-28-04-01 Identification, RFID Reader

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Technical support
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