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Identification system CIS3A


The Identification System CIS3A is used if somewhat larger read distances are required. As a result a larger data carrier is necessary.
The data carrier is screwed on the product to be identified. The antenna and the interface electronics are fully integrated in the read heads and the read/write head. The data carrier and the head contain round antennas. The orientation of the data carrier in relation to the head is unimportant. This fact means that the data carrier can approach the head from any direction. The data carriers can be read when static or moving at low relative speed in front of the read head, i.e. on moving past. The data carrier must always be static for writing.


  • Low-cost read/write system with predominantly used, separate read-only heads
  • Extremely compact head design, no separate interface adapter required
  • Read distance maximum 28 mm
  • Dynamic reading with a relative speed up to 230 mm/s
  • Data carrier memory capacity 16 bytes E2PROM read/write memory
  • Easy connection of the read-only heads to I/O on any control system via 4-bit parallel interface (24 V)
  • Read/write heads with serial interface RS232
Identification system CIS3A
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