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Identification system CIS3A-Mini


The innovative Identification System CIS3A-Mini is used if there is very little space to fit a data carrier to the product to be identified, or if there is very little space available for the read head. Incredibly small dimensions characterize the CIS3A-Mini where the read/write head and data carrier are concerned. Typical applications are for example tool identification or modern, very complex compact assembly installations with small product carriers. The round data carriers are bonded in a countersunk hole. Due to the high quality design of the data carrier with ferrite core, a relatively large read distance is even achieved on installation in metal, despite the small antenna. The antenna and the interface electronics are located in separate housings and are connected via a special connecting cable. The data carrier and the head contain round antennas. The orientation of the data carrier in relation to the head is unimportant. This fact means that the data carrier can approach the head from any direction. The data carrier can be read or written only if it is static in front of the read head.


  • One of the smallest plug-in read/write heads
  • Interface adapter for fitting on the mounting rail in the control cabinet
  • Miniature read/write head, dimensions M12 x 39 mm
  • Miniature data carrier, diameter 10 x 4 mm
  • Read distance: max. 6.5 mm (static, on installation in non-metallic material)
  • Data carrier storage capacity: 116 bytes EEPROM read/write memory
  • Easy connection of the read-only adapter to I/O on a control system via 4-bit parallel interface (24 V), max. 4 bytes of the data carrier usable
  • Read/write heads with serial interface RS232 or RS422, complete memory of 116 bytes usable
Identification system CIS3A-Mini
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