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New addition to the MGB2 family for even greater functionality

Euchner has unveiled two new modules for its successful MGB2 Multifunctional Gate Box Modular . The new, small version of the MCM extension module offers space for up to six functions, which can be designed to meet individual requirements. What’s more, the new MSM submodule provides users with additional safety inputs for connecting external switches, meaning they can easily be connected to PROFINET / PROFISAFE.

MCM: compact, scalable and powerful
Euchner now has the perfect solution for users who require more than the six functions available with the MGB2 Modular safety door system. The new compact MCM extension module has two slots, meaning it can be assembled with up to six control or application elements, for instance with an emergency stop button and enabling switch or with a key-operated rotary switch. This means users can choose between this small extension module and the existing larger version, which has four slots to accommodate up to twelve additional control and application elements. The MCM has many standout benefits. For example, the submodules with the function elements are simply inserted into the extension modules via a hot-plug and need only minimal configuration before they are ready for operation. The submodules can also be easily replaced if necessary. There are no limits to the MCM’s functional possibilities and applications. It can be installed separately from the MGB locking module and bus module – inside a production area, for example, with the bus module installed outside. The MCM can also be used in combination with the bus module without a locking module or door handle.

MSM submodule: decentralized peripheral as Plug and Play
The MCM extension modules can be used with the new MSM submodule as a decentralized peripheral for connecting electromechanical safety switches with M12 plugs. The fail-safe inputs can record the signal states of safety switches such as rope pull switches, emergency stop buttons and position switches and can transfer the safety signals to the control system via PROFINET using the PROFISAFE protocol. The MSM submodule has three dual-channel digital inputs, allowing up to six slots to be used as secure inputs when using the small MCM extension module. The MSM is equally suitable for M12 push-pull plugs and M12 threaded plugs. In addition, the system is hot-pluggable during operation and needs only minimal configuration before it is ready for use.
The MGB2 Modular has a modular system design to give users greater flexibility. As a result, extension modules and submodules are easily scalable and functions can be expanded and changed without difficulty. This means users benefit from a system that is customizable and flexible enough to meet any potential future requirements.


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