EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

MGB-E-A2-106051 (Order no. 106051)

Escape release module MGB-E... pre-assembled on mounting plate

  • Escape release from the danger zone
  • Mounted on mounting plate
  • With red handle
  • 115 mm long
MGB-E-A2-106051 (Order no. 106051)


Escape release

The safety system MGB can be equipped with an escape release module. The escape release enables people shut in to open the locked door from the danger zone. It is only necessary to actuate the door handle.

The actuating direction automatically adapts to the actuating direction of the handle module and does not need to be changed. The actuation axis supplied is suitable for profiles up to 40 mm.

Extended actuation axis

Optionally, a 250 mm long actuation axis (instead of 115 mm) can be ordered for thicker doors or profiles > 40 mm. The axis can be shortened to the required dimension.

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing
1Door handle
3Actuation axis 8 x 8 mm, 115 mm long
4Protective sleeve, 52 mm long

Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing

Technical data


Zulassung EAC

Mechanical values and environment

Housing material
Housing Die-cast zinc/stainless steel powder-coated
Net 1,05 kg
Ambient temperature -20 ... 55 °C
Mechanical life 1 x 106
Installation orientation Any


Additional feature With mounting plate
Product version number V2.0.0

Technical support

Technical support
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