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C-M23F19-19XDIFPU01,5-MA-092906 (Order no. 092906)

Connecting cable with plug connector M23 with option C1825, 1.5 m, angled

  • M23 plug connector, 18-pin + PE
  • Angled plug connector
  • Cable exit C (left)
  • PUR cable
  • Cable length 1.5 m
  • With flying lead
  • Cores color-coded
C-M23F19-19XDIFPU01,5-MA-092906 (Order no. 092906)


Connector assignment

Plug connector (view of connection side)PinCross-sectionConductor coloring

10.5 mm²VT
20.5 mm²RD
30.5 mm²GY
40.5 mm²RDBU
50.5 mm²GN
61.0 mm²BU
70.5 mm²GYPK
80.5 mm²GNWH
90.5 mm²YEWH
100.5 mm²GYWH
110.5 mm²BK
121.0 mm²GNYE
130.5 mm²PK
140.5 mm²BNGY
150.5 mm²BNYE
160.5 mm²BNGN
170.5 mm²WH
180.5 mm²YE
191.0 mm²BN
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings
1Female plug with union nut M23, 19-pin, with shield spring
2PIN 12 (PE with shield spring)
3Terminal assignment as seen from the connection side cable outlet C

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings
1The following applies to the device installation orientation shown: cable outlet C (left)
2The following applies to the device installation orientation shown: cable outlet A (right)

Technical data



Electrical connection values

Rated voltage 150 V
Test voltage 1.5 kV
Overvoltage category according to IEC EN 60664-1 II
Connection 1
Degree of contamination according to EN 60664-1 3

Mechanical values and environment

Conductor identification Color code
Conductor cross-section 16 x 0.5 mm² / 3 x 1 mm²
Number of conductors 19
Dynamic bending radius 10x cable diameter
Fire behavior flame retardant according to VDE 0472 804
Cable type straight
Cable diameter
approx. 11.6 mm
Cable length 1.5 m
Sheath color black
Drag chain suitability yes
Cable ambient temperature (dynamic) -20 ... +90 °C
Cable ambient temperature (static) -40 ... +90 °C
Conductor insulation PVC
Conductor EL-Cu flexible wire, bare, super fine strands
Sheath PUR
Connection 2
Conductor end Sheath stripped
Connection type flying lead
Connection 1
Connection type Plug connector M23
Connection type Female plug
Plug connector designation RC (with shield spring)
Cable outlet Angle left
Number of pins 19 (18 PE)
Degree of protection IP65/IP67 (Locked)
Plug lock Screw connection
Insertion cycles 50
Plug lock CuZn, nickel plated
Plug housing CuZn, nickel plated


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Ordering data

Ordernumber 092906
Item designation C-M23F19-19XDIFPU01,5-MA-092906
Gross weight 0,496kg
Customs tariff number 85444290900

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