Today's automated workplace is potentially more hazardous than ever. So is today's legal climate, which holds manufacturers as well as end users increasingly liable for worker injury. The Euchner SAFETYBOOK is an excellent tool to guide through the maze of standards, accompanied by practical examples of how safety technology can be applied in the work place. Euchner and all our members would like to offer you "more than safety" according to our motto.

In most of the countries of the world, the basis for safety engineering is the existing safety standards. The worldwide valid norms of IEC and ISO were adopted in many countries where they have been completely or partly converted into their national standard system.

In this book you will find an overview of the existing machinery safety regulations, laws and standards valid for the USA, Europe and Japan. Beyond these, many areas also have local regulations which must be complied with as well.


Goals of the book

As experts in Industrial Safety Engineering, we have addressed the issue of guarding on machinery and installations for more than 60 years. With this SAFETYBOOK, we would like to share our wealth of experience with all those who have an interest in this topic, and to provide an overview of industrial safety engineering. This book will help you to select appropriate safety systems for your machinery and installations.

Topics covered

  • Safety Solutions for Personnel and Process Protection
    • Historical development
    • Basic layout of switches
    • Designs and application areas of safety switches
    • Manually releasing guard locking devices
    • Bolts for guards
    • Lockout bars for safety switches
    • Safety switches with additional functions
    • Multifunctional Gate Box MGB
    • Special versions of safety switches
    • Non-contact technology as lockout mechanism
    • Enabling switches
    • Safety relays
    • Safe control technology
    • Safe bus systems
    • Safety and security
    • Electronic key systems for safe operating mode selection
  • Regulations and Standards
    • The safety circuit
    • Safety engineering worldwide
    • Standardization
  • Safety of Machinery
    • Overview - the route to the safe machine
    • Risk assessment
    • Overview of the standard EN ISO 14119:2013
    • System behavior of the categories
    • Assessment of a safety circuit using ISO 13849-1
    • Assessment of a safety system on a door with guard locking
  • Application Guidelines
    • General information on the application examples
    • Applications for safety switches in guards
    • Complete safety assessment according to EN ISO 13849-1 based on application A22
    • Example circuit for a drive
  • Application Examples

Who should use the book?

  • Machine Operators
  • Machine Maintenance Personnel
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Controls Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Design Engineers
  • Corporate Safety Committees
  • Integrators
  • Anyone involved in any way with plant safety!


This hard-bound safety book is available upon request. To order a copy, please contact Euchner-USA at 315-701-0315, through the Ask the Expert link on the right or by emailing customercare(at)euchner-usa.com.


Euchner - More than safety.