Product News 2018

EKS with USB communications

EKS with USB

The electronics are fully integrated into the new Electronic-Key-System EKS with USB port for electronic access control and management. This USB interface allows the device to be connected to PC-based control system technology. The Electronic-Key adapter is compact enough to fit into the latest control panels with limited installation space. Its closed and rounded shape prevents dirt deposits and permits simple cleaning, while its FDA-approved plastic allows it to be used in hygienically sensitive areas such as the food industry.

Stainless Steel CTP Switch

Stainless Steel CTP

The new stainless steel CTP switch designed for the packaging and food industries is made for harsh conditions. Aggressive cleaning agents, acidic liquids and high-pressure cleaning devices can wear out regular parts faster and shorten the safety switch replacement interval. This is expensive and time consuming for the company operating the machine. Euchner relies on robust, tough and largely media-resistant stainless steel for guard locking devices used in such applications. Critical components such as plugs, cover screws and guide bushes, etc., consist of high-quality stainless steel in this new CTP variant.