Euchner Light Curtains


LCA light curtains are non-contact safety guards for securing danger areas on machines and installations. They use several light beams to form an invisible safety light curtain in front of a dangerous area. The light curtain consists of a transmitter and receiver that emit and receive the light beams. If a beam is interrupted, the light curtain safety outputs will switch off.

LCA light curtains are available in several beam resolutions as seen here:

    Finger protection    Hand protection   Body protection    Access   

LCA Light Curtains

LCA 2:

Type 2 light curtains good for the requirements of Category 2 PL c and safety level SIL 1. On Type 2 devices, the safety function is checked by periodic tests. Faults are detected during the periodic test.

LCA 4:

Type 4 light curtains good for the requirements of Category 4 PL e and safety level SIL 3. On Type 4 devices, faults are constantly being tested for. If detected, machine movement is stopped immediately.

LCA 4 Master/Slave:

Type 4 light curtains where up to three sets of transmitters and receivers can be connected in series to provide for flexability in securing dangerous areas. A single pair of OSSD safety signals is run back to the safety system.

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