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Electronic Key Systems EKS

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EKS Keys

The EUCHNER Electronic Key System (EKS) allows only authorized personnel to access machine controls and process parameters. The uniquely coded inductive key tags, can providing various levels of authorization. For example, different levels of access can be established for programming, maintenance, operation, etc. The EKS makes passwords obsolete.

The tag reader is compact, measuring only 1 " x 3". Unlike magnetic coded swipe cards that can lose data, the EKS tag does not have that vulnerability. And if a tag is lost or stolen, you can block that tag instead of reprogramming the entire system. The EUCHNER EKS is a secure solution for automatically connecting personnel into a system where access privileges need to be controlled.

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Machine controls, Tool rooms, Tool cribs, Buildings, Anywhere access monitoring is required.

  • Two component system
    • Read/write adapter
    • Key tags
  • Robust construction
  • Use wear-free key tags
    • Inductive
    • Uniquely coded
  • Operates with PC and PLC
  • No maintenance
    • Battery free
  • Selection of key colors (red, blue, black, green and yellow)
  • Adapter for security applications
  • Adapter for safety applications
  • Tampering is very difficult
  • Easily integrated
    • Interfaces with PC's and PLC's
  • Made for harsh environments
  • High security with large number of key tag combinations
  • Fast log-on
  • Not affected by magnetic fields
  • Environmental protection of IP67- oil and dust tight, and water resistant
    • Exceeding NEMA 4
  • Read/write key tag (116 Byte)
  • Multiple communications options
    • RS232/RS422
    • USB
    • Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Profibus DP
    • Profinet
  • Electronic Key Management (EKM) Software
    • Client/server architecture, full network support
    • Provide a central database

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