Emergency Stop Device


EUCHNER Emergency Stop Devices come with innovative technical features. The ES..-XW has contact block monitoring to check whether the switching elements fitted are actually all correctly seated in the switch. If the switching elements should come loose unintentionally, an e-stop command is triggered automatically by the detaching switching elements. The ES..-XN has a protective collar that makes it possible to fit a padlock when the mushroom-head button is pressed. As a result it is not possible to pull the control back out. E-stops are required to be a red mushroom-head button with a yellow background and are generally only allowed to provide safety in addition to the directly acting safety functions (i.e. safety switches on safety doors). Reset for these models can be done by either turning or pulling the mushroom-head.

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  • Mushroom-head is red with yellow background: 40mm and 44mm sizes
  • Up to 3 contacts
    • 2NC positively driven safety contacts
    • 1NO contact
  • 22mm and 30mm mounting available
  • Versions with housings
  • Versions with LED illumination


  • Available with IP65 housing
  • Contact block monitoring
    • Fails to safe if contact block comes detached
  • Protective collar can be locked with a padlock
  • Reset by turning or pulling


  • Button made from reinforced thermoplastic
  • Housing made from polycarbonate
  • 250,000 operating cycles
  • Button IP20, Optional Housing IP65
  • Contacts - 3 elements
    • 2NC positively driven safety contacts
    • 1NO contact
    • Silver alloy, gold flashed
    • Screw terminals
  • 24VDC LED illumination

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