Enabling Switches


When depressed, enabling switches are designed to close in only one position, causing a stop condition in any other position. In hazardous locations, the safety guarding may need be disabled. An enabling switch allows for the machine operation to occur under these conditions. Euchner offers two position (OFF-ON) (dead-man switch) and three position (OFF-ON-OFF) (live-man switch) versions. Handheld enabling units and individual switches for installation are available. The three position dual channel models conform to 'ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 for Industrial Robots and Robot Systems'.

Handheld Enabling Switches

ZSM Enabling Switch:

The ZSM enabling switch with modular design has a large number of additional functions that can be integrated including E-stop, LED's and a key-operated switch. The ZSM vibration signal tells the operator whether the trigger switch is activated.

ZSA Enabling Switch:

The black body handheld top button ZSA enabling switch provides a complete range of switching contacts and cables in an ergonomic design.

ZSR Enabling Switch:

The yellow body handheld front button ZSR enabling switch provides a range of switching contacts for your needs.

ZSB Enabling Switch:

The ZSB enabling switches provide extra function beyond an enabling switch. Features available on some ZSB enabling switches are E-stop, control pushbuttons, key selector switch and LED's.

Enabling Buttons

ZSG, ZSE, ZXE Buttons

Euchner ZSG, ZSE and ZXE pushbuttons enabling switches are designed for use in pendant stations (HBA, HBM, HBL) and control panels to provide a wide selection of two position (OFF-ON) (dead-man switch) and three position (OFF-ON-OFF) (live-man switch).