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Significant modification

Assessment for a significant modification to a machine

Machines and installations undergo changes in the form of conversions, retrofitting or expansions over the course of their service life. This generally has direct effects on the machine’s safety requirements as well.

It is decisive whether the modification is classified as “significant.” An interpretation document from the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) details the criteria for classifying a modification as significant. This document also specifies a generally recognized procedure to check this.

If the modification to the machine and its protective measures is of a significant nature, legislation requires that the conformity assessment process must be repeated for the modified overall system.

A significant modification is assessed using graphs with four decision levels. Decisions of an interpretative nature must be made at each level. Our experience helps you make those decisions.

Benefits for you

  • Experienced machinery safety experts help you assess modifications and conversion measures.
  • You benefit from assessment in compliance with all legal requirements and legal certainty regarding whether the modification in your facility is a “significant modification.”

Our services

  • Analysis of the existing machine and the planned conversion regarding the effects on safety.
  • Support in deciding the degree of conversion and modifications.
  • Preparation of a report on the decision concerning a significant modification.
  • Assistance in performing the conformity assessment process.



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