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Risk assessment

All manufacturers must perform and document a risk assessment for their machines. This risk assessment is a complete, systematic assessment of all machine hazards. It makes economic sense to perform the risk assessment as early as the engineering phase. Our safety experts assess the risks in close cooperation with you.

Systematic process according to EN ISO 12100
Risk assessment involves several steps to determine and assess all hazards posed by a machine. EN ISO 12100 determines the exact sequence and the assessment criteria. The first step is to describe the machine in detail – including its use and its limits. In the process, we also determine the applicable harmonized standards and legal foundation. We identify a machine’s hazards in the
risk analysis and risk assessment. All danger zones are then listed and assessed using a standardized process.

Benefits for you

  • You receive an assessment of all safety-engineering aspects in compliance with the latest laws and standards, plus an assurance of neutrality on the part of our safety experts.
  • Standardized procedures and documents ensure uniform quality of development.
  • Our risk assessment lays the foundation for your machinery safety.

Our services

We analyze risks in the individual machine life cycles in accordance with legal requirements. This comprises:

  • Assessment of the machine by a machinery safety expert.
  • List of applicable directives and standards.
  • Description of the machine, its use and limits.
  • Risk assessment of the individual danger zones.



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Technical support
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