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Assessment for linking of machines

If individual machines or installations interact in the production process, it must be checked whether the combination constitutes a “linking of machines” as defined in the Machinery Directive. If this is determined to be the case, the assembly of machines must undergo a new conformity assessment process. If the combination does not constitute a “linking of machines,” the operator must fulfill the requirements resulting from operation of the linked individual machines.

We guide you through the maze of options based on our long-standing experience, helping you make the right decisions in compliance with standards and the law. At the end of the consultation process, you receive a document recording the decision-making process and its result.

Benefits for you

  • Experienced machinery safety experts assist you in reliably assessing the linking of machines.
  • You benefit from assessment in compliance with all legal requirements and legal certainty regarding whether the linking falls under the “assemblies of machinery” definition according to the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Our services 

  • Examination of interacting machines for linking (assemblies of machinery) as defined in the Machinery Directive.
  • Report on the assessment for assemblies of machinery.
  • Assistance in performing the conformity assessment process.



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