EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

CES-AP-CR2-CH-SF-100775 (Order no. 100775)

Non-contact safety switch CES-AP-CR2-... , with latching connection

  • Safety switch with integrated evaluation electronics
  • No series connection
  • Short circuit monitoring
  • 2 safety outputs (semiconductor outputs)
  • Door hinge right
  • Category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Plug connector with latching connection, 6-pin
  • Multicode
  • Two safety screws M4x14 included
CES-AP-CR2-CH-SF-100775 (Order no. 100775)


Short circuit monitoring

The switch generates its own clock signal on the output lines OA/OB.

Pay attention to this aspect when connecting to control systems and relays.

Multicode evaluation

Every suitable actuator is detected by the switch.

Category according to EN 13849-1

Due to two redundantly designed semiconductor outputs (safety outputs) with internal monitoring suitable for:

  • Category 4/PL e according to EN 13849-1

Important: To achieve the stated category in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, both safety outputs (OA and OB) must be evaluated.

LED indicator


Status LED


Diagnostics LED

Additional connection


Monitoring output (semiconductor)

Approach directions

<p>Approach directions</p>

Typical actuating range

(actuator CES-A-BLN... in conjunction with safety switch CES-AP-C.2-... in case of mounting on plastic)

For a side approach direction for the actuator and safety switch, a minimum distance of s = 6 mm must be maintained so that the actuating range of the side lobes is not entered.


The actuating range may vary depending on the substrate material and installation situation.

Connector assignment

Plug connector (view of connection side)PinDesignationFunctionConnecting cable conductor coloring

1UBPower supply, DC 24 VBN
2FO1ASafety output, channel 1WH
30 VGround, DC 0 VBU
4FO1BSafety output, channel 2BK
5OUTMonitoring outputGY
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings
1Active face
2Fastening lug with reinforcement plate
3LED status indication
4Active face

Connection examples

Connection examples

Technical data


EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20c_UL_us_E346349_1/1


Repeat accuracy R
according to EN 60947-5-2 <= 10

Electrical connection values

external (operating voltage) 0.25 ... 8 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui 75 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 1.5 kV
Operating voltage DC
UB 24 V DC -15% ... +15% regulated, residual ripple<5%
Turn-on time
Safety outputs max. 300 ms
EMC protection requirements Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Utilization category
DC-13 24 V 150 mA (Caution: outputs must be protected with a free-wheeling diode in case of inductive loads.)
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3 max. 260 ms
Safety class III
Current consumption max. 30 mA (without taking into account the load currents on the monitoring output and the safety outputs)
Degree of contamination (external, according to EN 60947-1) 3
Monitoring output OUT
Output type p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage 0.8 x UB ... UB V DC
Switching current max. 50 mA
Safety outputs OA / OB
Output type Semiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage
HIGH U(OA,OB) UB-1.5V ... UB V DC (Values at a switching current of 50 mA without taking into account the cable lengths.)
LOW U(OA,OB) 0 ... 1 V DC
rated conditional short-circuit current 100 A
Discrepancy time max. 10 ms
Off-state current Ir max. 0.25 mA
Switching current
per safety output 1 ... 150 mA
Test pulse duration max. 0.3 ms (Applies to a load with C<= 30 nF and R<= 20 kohm)
Test pulse interval min. 100 ms

Mechanical values and environment

Connection type Plug connector with latching connection, Ø8, 6-pin
Tightening torque
Fixing screws max. 1 Nm
Ready delay 0.5 s
Installation orientation any
Switching frequency max. 1 Hz
Mounting distance
between 2 switches or 2 actuators min. 400 mm
Mounting type Surface mounting on metal
Shock and vibration resistance Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Degree of protection IP67/IP69K
Ambient temperature -30 ... +65 °C
Housing Plastic, PBT

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

PLMaximum SILPFHDCategoryMission time
Monitoring of the guard positionPL e-1.8x10-9420 y


The following applies to the approval according to UL Operation only with UL Class 2 power supply or equivalent measures

In combination with actuator CES-A-BDN-06-104730

Switch-on distance 19 mm
Secured switch-off distance sar
in y direction max. 60 mm
in x/z direction max. 40 mm
Secured switching distance sao min. 14 mm
Switching hysteresis 1 ... 2 mm

In combination with actuator CES-A-BLN-R2-100776, CES-A-BLN-U2-103450, CES-A-BLN-L2-104510, CES-A-BLN-U2-112710

Switch-on distance 15 mm
Secured switch-off distance sar
in x/z direction max. 40 mm
in y direction max. 60 mm
Secured switching distance sao min. 10 mm
Switching hysteresis 1 ... 2 mm



Complete package

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  • Any data sheets to supplement the operating instructions
  • The declaration of conformity
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Ordering data

Ordernumber 100775
Item designation CES-AP-CR2-CH-SF-100775
Gross weight 0,08kg
Customs tariff number 85365019000
ECLASS 27-27-24-03 Safety-related transponder switch

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