EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

CKS2 key system


  • Versatile use as a lockout system, authorization system or key transfer system, for example
  • Maximum protection against tampering due to highly coded keys
  • Achieves the highest possible safety level: cat. 4 / PL e
  • Wear-free due to non-contact transponder technology
CKS2 key system
The key system CKS2 consists of a key adapter and highly coded keys with transponder technology. The device’s internal evaluation electronics safely detects whether a specific key is inserted or not. If there is a key in the key adapter, the data on the key are read and checked for validity. If the key is recognized as valid, the safety outputs are switched on. One key can be assigned to several key adapters in different installations.


The key system CKS2 is a FlexFunction device. The taught-in key defines the device’s function. Version A-FLX-0A-... includes one key per packaging unit. The keys have different key codes. They can be used in a lockout system for accessible installations, for example. The installation is safely locked when the key is removed from the key adapter. The key can be taken into the installation – during service, for example. In this way, it is ensured the machine cannot be started unintentionally.
Version A-FLX-0B-... includes several keys with same key code and different key identification per packaging unit. These keys can be used as an authorization system, for example. Several operators holding valid keys can start a specific machine function.
The key system CKS2 can also be used as a key transfer system.

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