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Electromechanical safety switches according to ATEX directive


In potentially explosive atmospheres, according to the ATEX directive and the corresponding standards, special requirements are placed on the equipment used from which an ignition hazard can emanate. Electromechanical safety switches are ATEX devices according to categories 3D/3G and can be used in hazardous zones 2 and 22 (gases or dusts). For explosion protection, electromechanical safety switches are available as position switches, interlocking devices without guard locking or with monitored guard locking. A protective plate included protects the safety switch against impacts on the housing and the ingress of an explosive atmosphere. The extremely sturdy, die-cast alloy housing in conjunction with the high degree of protection IP67 permits use under extreme ambient conditions. The NZ version safety switch – interlocking device of type 1 – has a standardized basic housing according to EN 50 041. The SGA/STA safety switches with separate actuator are mounting compatible with the EUCHNER TP switches available on the market for years.


  • Suitable for use in zones 2 and 22 (gases and dusts)
  • Robust design with additional protective plate
  • NZ1HS / NZ1RS position switch of type 1
  • NZ1VZ / SGA interlocking devices of type 2
  • SGA / STA safety switches with metal head, identical actuators and three cable entries
  • STA guard locking with safe monitoring for the protection of personnel Switching elements with 4 switching contacts
  • Degree of protection IP67
Electromechanical safety switches according to ATEX directive

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