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Interlocking modules MGBS-P-I-AP

  • Safety system without guard locking with interlocking function
  • Several devices in one solution: door handle, safety door protection device, door hinge, lockout mechanism
  • Optionally with control elements, emergency stop device and escape release
  • Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Integrated AP electronics
  • A special evaluation unit is not required
  • Suitable for doors hinged on the right or left and for sliding doors
Interlocking modules MGBS-P-I-AP

MGBS - a strong team

Why not combine the best features from different products? Take a CTP transponder-coded safety switch, mount it on a sturdy sub plate, combine everything with an MGB handle module, and what you get is a compact safety door protection device: the new MGBS. This is the ideal solution wherever a slimline switch housing is advantageous, such as on safety fence corner posts. Concealed mounting holes in the handle module and interlocking module provide excellent protection against tampering. A lockout mechanism is included in the handle module. This prevents the installation from starting, e.g. during maintenance and cleaning work. A simple plug connection reduces wiring work. The system is optionally available with an emergency stop device and with controls and indicators. The resulting MGBS is a slimline safety door protection device with the properties of an MGB. Thanks to the transponder technology, the system achieves category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1, without additional fault exclusion. It complies with all the requirements of EN ISO 14119.

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