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EUCHNER – More than safety.

CMS-RH-AYA-05VL (Order no. 113208)

Read heads CMS with Hall sensors - design A

  • In combination with evaluation units CMS-E-ER/CMS-E-FR
  • Cube-shaped version, 87.5 x 25 mm
  • 1 LED
  • Hard-wired encapsulated cable made of PVC, 5 m
CMS-RH-AYA-05VL (Order no. 113208)


Important: Actuators must be ordered separately!

Alignment of read head and actuator

Operating diagrams, design A


  • typ. operating distance
  • typ. release distance
Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings

Technical data


EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20


Secured switch-off distance sar max. 20 mm (The assured release distance s_ar corresponds to the reset distance.)
Secured switching distance sao
with center offset m=0 min. 10 mm (Value applies only if there is no ferromagnetic material in the vicinity of the read head and the actuator.)

Operating and display elements

LED display 1 LED green

Electrical connection values

Switching voltage
DC 20 ... 35 V
Switching current max. 15 mA
Switching characteristics NO + NC
Current consumption max. 35 mA

Mechanical values and environment

Connection type Hard-wired encapsulated cable with cable end sleeves 0.25 mm2
Number NC contacts 1 NC contact
Number of NO contacts 1 NO contacts
Tightening torque 0.4 ... 0.5 Nm
Design A
Installation orientation any (During mounting it must be ensured that the marking arrows on the actuator and the read head are opposite each other.)
Cable length 5 m
Mechanical life 100 x 10⁶
Degree of protection IP67
Ambient temperature -5 ... +55 °C
Cable material PVC
Housing Fiber glass reinforced PPS
Method of operation Hall sensor


in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1:2015; EN 50178:1997; EN 60204-1:2006/A1:2009; EN ISO 14119:2013; EN 61000-6-2:2005; EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011; EN 60947-5-3:2013


Complete package

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  • The operating instructions and any additions to the operating instructions or brief instructions
  • Any data sheets to supplement the operating instructions
  • The declaration of conformity
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Ordering data

Ordernumber 113208
Item designation CMS-RH-AYA-05VL
Gross weight 0,302kg
Customs tariff number 85389099990
ECLASS 27-27-24-02 Safety-related magnetic proximity switch

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Technical support
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