EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Light grids and light curtains LCA 4 Master / Slave

    Benefits for you

  • Cascading (series connection)
  • Safe monitoring options for any application
  • Simple connection with M12 plug connector
  • Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • ESPE type 4 according to DIN EN 61496-1
  • Integrated evaluation
  • Feedback loop connection
Light grids and light curtains LCA 4 Master / Slave

A single product from the family LCA 4 master/slave already achieves category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 without additional fault exclusion. It meets all requirements for electro-sensitive protective equipment of type 4 according to DIN EN 61496-1.

These products are ideally suited for applications in which

  • machine operators must interact with the machine in very brief cycles, e.g. at loading points of automatic assembly machines.
  • dangerous work areas must be secured in a continuously interlinked material flow without disturbing the material flow.
  • the danger area must be secured on machines without a safety enclosure, e.g. on sheet metal processing machines, on presses, on film winding machines and on paper cutting machines.
  • people must be prevented from stepping behind access protection.

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