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Transponder Coding software

Product description

The Transponder Coding (TC) software is an ASCII/hex editor that can be used to read and write the CIS data carrier or EKS Electronic-Key on the PC.


  • Byte-wise editing of the data
  • Storage of the data as ASCII or hex file on the PC
Transponder Coding software


Use for the identification system CIS

In conjunction with read/write stations with serial interface For CIS3, CIS3A data carriers with 16 bytes of read/write memory or CIS3A-Mini data carriers with 116 bytes of read/write memory Display of the programmed data on the data on the data carrier in the ASCII and hex view.

Use for the Electronic-Key-System EKS

In combination with the Electronic-Key adapter read/write with serial interface or USB interface For Electronic-Key with 116 bytes of read/write memory and 8 bytes of fixed-code memory (serial number) Display of the programmed Electronic-Key data in ASCII and hex view, as well as the serial number in hex view.

System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP®/ Server 2003 / Server 2008 32-bit / Server 2008 64-bit / Windows® 7 32-bit / 64-bit / Server 2008 R2 processor: from Pentium 2 Available memory: min. 64 MB Network: Network card and installed TCP/IP protocol Hard disk space for the installation: approx. 20 MB Interfaces: serial or USB (depending on version of the read/write device)

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