EUCHNER – More than safety.
EUCHNER – More than safety.

Safety switch STP


Based on the plastic-encapsulated safety switch TP with guard locking, the safety switch STP features both an actuating head and an internal cam made of metal. As a result, the switch can be used for applications that require high locking forces (up to 2500 N).
The safety switch STP has a switching element with 4 switching contacts. EUCHNER supplies the STP safety switch with various contact combinations (positively driven contacts / NO contacts).
Dual-channel wiring to achieve the maximum possible safety level is possible with all possible variants. Given the particular property of the switching contacts of switching a minimum current of 1 mA, the safety switch STP is also suitable for use on safe control systems.


  • Metal actuating head suitable for highest requirements
  • Two LED displays (optional) for the visual display of the door position and the position of the solenoid
  • Flexible connection options using three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP67
Safety switch STP

Special versions

Safety switch STP-Twin

  • For protecting double-leaf sliding or hinged doors using only one safety switch
  • Only one safety switch for both door leaves
  • Saving on mounting and wiring
  • Optional with auxiliary key release

Safety switch STP-BI

If persons are at risk of becoming unintentionally trapped in accessible danger zones, the EC Machinery Directive prescribes the following: “Machinery must be designed, constructed or fitted with a means of preventing a person from being enclosed within it or, if that is impossible, with a means of summoning help.”
The safety switch STP with bi-state function is used for the prevention of accidental locking-in inside the danger zone. The guard locking always remains in its current position when electrically isolated (for example, shutdown of the system, power failure…) and meets the requirements on a guard locking device as per DIN EN ISO 14119:
The safety door remains either continuously locked after a loss of power, that is the user cannot enter the danger zone at all Or the safety door can be opened or closed as required, because the guard locking cannot be activated unintentionally due to locking of the guard locking pin

Safety switch STP-Extended

  • Safety switch with directly integrated controls and indicators
  • Guard locking, door unlock request, acknowledgment and start directly at the safety switch
  • Saving on external buttons and their wiring
  • Wide selection of different buttons, indicators, EMERGENCY STOP, key-operated rotary switches, etc.

Safety switch STP ASi

Safety switch for direct connection to Asi Safety Bus.

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