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EUCHNER – More than safety.
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High safety levels throughout the entire packaging process – EUCHNER safety engineering for the packaging industry

Packaging machines may dispense individual doses of medicines, put together specific portions of foods, or change packaging sizes quickly to meet the specific needs of the customer. The safety standards are as challenging as the customization requirements. EUCHNER provides a variety of solutions to meet these needs which can easily be integrated into modular production systems and which provide protection for people, machines, and the packaged materials.


Use under extreme conditions

Safety switches for the packaging and food industries are often exposed to harsh conditions. Aggressive cleaning agents, acids, alkalis, and pressure washers can cause parts to wear more quickly and lead to the switches being replaced more often. Machine downtime and hardware replacement are expensive and time-consuming for the company.

EUCHNER has intelligent solutions that fulfill all these requirements. For example the CES-C07 safety switch is not only resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, but also to pressure washers and steam cleaners because of its high degree of protection IP69. As a result of its compact design and optional dowel-shaped actuator, it is ideal for concealed installation in small doors or flaps.

Another important benefit is the option of comprehensive communication between individual safety switches in the field. All the relevant sensor and device data are sent to the control system via IO-Link.


Maximum durability

EUCHNER also uses highly durable materials for its guard locking systems that can withstand extreme conditions. The new Stainless Steel CTP has critical components such as plugs, cover screws, and guide bushes made of high-quality stainless steel. With its high degree of protection IP67 and IP69 and a locking force of 3,900 N, the Stainless Steel CTP is the ideal interlock for corrosive environments where a guard locking interlock is needed.


Protecting preset parameters from unauthorized access

The Electronic-Key-System EKS makes this easy. The Electronic-Key stores the access rights for every machine and every employee. The data are read by a reader and passed on to the control system. This checks which rights have been assigned. Only predefined activities are permitted. There is also the option of blocking Electronic-Keys and preventing data from being tampered with. In addition, it is possible to switch user profiles quickly. For example, during a shift change the machine reads an employee’s user profile from their personal Electronic-Key. This keeps setup times to a minimum. You can also decide who can access preset formulations. As a result, you have full control over all your critical process parameters.


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