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EUCHNER enhances its Safety Services

EUCHNER is expanding its machinery safety services to meet the ever-increasing demand from machine manufacturers and operators for consulting requirements. EUCHNER Safety Services offers professional services throughout the entire life cycle of machines and installations. The expansion of its engineering services allows the experienced team to support its customers as a complete service provider: Alongside design and planning, these services also encompass the implementation and integration of safety solutions. Machine operators in particular will benefit from this comprehensive service for their modifications, integration and retrofitting.

There is a growing demand for support in machinery safety because the legislation in this field is constantly changing. At the same time, the machines and installations themselves are becoming ever more complex. However, safe machinery and installations not only protect operating personnel from hazards, but also the processes from interruptions – which ultimately increases the productivity of machines and installations.

Services for machine manufacturers: from design right through to EC conformity
EUCHNER Safety Services is there to support machine manufacturers from the very beginning. “Proper safety strategies and the use of appropriate safety components are crucial for optimum availability of installations. Machine manufacturers have to take this into account from as early as the design stage,” says Detlef Ullrich, head of EUCHNER Safety Services. EUCHNER experts therefore support design engineers in the development stages to help them meet the legal requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and offer assistance for every step of the process, from the crucial initial stages through to CE marking, be it individual services or complete services.

As part of a risk assessment, experts assess and evaluate potential hazards and suggest measures to reduce risk. They also develop customized safety strategies and, where needed, provide engineering services to integrate the necessary risk reduction measures. Last but not least, the range of services also covers the inspection process for verification and validation as well as all services associated with CE marking. For only when a machine has successfully completed the conformity assessment process and has received CE marking can it be sold in the European Economic Area.

Services for machine operators: championing optimum operational safety
Operators must ensure occupational and machinery safety as soon as they have purchased work equipment, and must continue to do so throughout the machine’s entire life cycle. EUCHNER Safety Services is on hand to support its customers throughout this cycle, from start to finish.

Work equipment must be inspected regularly and brought up to date with the latest technology to ensure that production conforms to legislation and is fit for the future. In Germany, machines must conform to the requirements of industrial and occupational health and safety law. EUCHNER Safety Services carries out hazard assessments in accordance with German industrial health and safety law.

Operators often require additional support when carrying out modification and modernization projects on machines, such as conversions, linking and retrofitting. This is where EUCHNER’s safety experts come in, offering customers a wide range of consulting and engineering services. These services include assessing machines, designing and planning safety solutions, and providing complete system integration – from design and assembly right through to setup and approval. “Implementing safety strategies in real-life scenarios requires a lot of skill and expertise. We are able to draw on our extensive experience in different areas and our membership of national and international standards committees to provide this crucial expertise,” says Detlef Ullrich.


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