CMS-E-BR/ER/FR Evaluation Units


EUCHNER CMS safety switches are based on the magnetic principle. The tamper-proof coded system was specifically developed to monitor moving machine components and movable safety guards. These are a suitable replacement for safety relays. The CMS-E-BR/ER/FR evaluation modules can have up to 4 read heads attached and have a door monitoring output and feedback loop available. These CMS evaluation modules provide up to Safety Category 4.



  • Coded magnetic actuator and sensor
  • Connect up to 30 sensors in series (Safety Category 3)
  • Connect 1 sensor (Safety Category 4)
  • Variety of read head and actuator sizes and styles
  • LED self diagnostics
  • Wide sensing range


  • Non-contact system
    • Achieves the highest level of safety
    • Non-contact system
      • Overcomes misalignment issues
      • Vibration resistant
    • Fault diagnostics
      • Minimizes down-time
    • Sensors operate thru stainless steel
      • Food machinery, etc
    • Long operational life
    • Operates under extreme environmental conditions e.g. dirt, moisture, ambient temperature


  • 35mm DIN mount
  • 45mm housing
  • Ambient operating temperature 0 to 55C
  • Up to 30 million mechanical operations
  • LED diagnostics
  • Input for feedback loop
  • Plug-in terminal block

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