Trip Dogs and Rails


EUCHNER Trip Dogs (Cams) and Trip Rails (Cam Trays) are used to actuate mechanical and inductive limit switches. The trip rail is mounted to a moving member and the trip dogs are fastened to the rail. The assembly moves as the machine member moves, thus causing switch actuation. EUCHNER offers a wide variety of trip dogs and trip rails to fit your applications.


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    Trip Rails Features
    • Meet DIN 69638
    • Extruded aluminum or cast iron
    • T-slot or surface mount
    • Modular kits available
    Trip Rails Features
    • Meet DIN 69639
    • Treated steel
      • Minimizes corrosion
    • U-trip dogs are designed with a split plate clamping mechanism for exact adjustment
    • G-trip dogs are clamped to rail with a hexagon socket screw and special spring washer ensuring precise positioning even when mounted vertically


  • Extremely accurate
    • +/- 0.002mm
  • Long service life
    • Low mechanical wear
    • High corrosion resistance
  • Application friendly
    • Precise engineering ensures accuracy and repeatability
    • Designed to meet strict standards as required by application


  • 2 types of trip rails
    • System U
    • System G
    • 4000mm maximum length
    • Aluminum, steel or cast iron
    • 1 to 20 slots
  • Trip Dogs
    • Up to 1400 mm
    • Mechanical actuation or proximity
    • Hardened steel
    • Ground and polished
    • Black finish