TQ Solenoid Locking Safety Switch


EUCHNER Design Type 2 Safety Switches are used to protect personnel by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit depending on the position of the machine guard. The locking solenoid holds the guard closed until a stored energy hazard has passed. It can also prevent damage to a part in process due to an inadvertent machine shutdown. To meet current worldwide standards, safety interlock components cannot be easily bypassed. These switches have positive opening contacts and redundancy to guarantee that they fail to a safe state. The TQ switch is Euchner's smallest solenoid locking safety switch with its flat pack style and integrated cable.



  • Flat pack style housing
  • Top and side actuator entry
  • Dual redundant isolated
  • Contacts for higher safety categories
  • Multiple styles of key actuators available


  • Up to 3 positive break safety contacts
  • Integrated cable, 5m
  • Compact housing 30 x 15 x 78 mm


  • Thermoplastic housing
  • IP67- oil and dust tight, and water resistant
    • Exceeds NEMA 4
  • Ambient operating temperature -20 to +70C
  • 1 million mechanical operations
  • 5 contacts available
  • CE, UL, TUV

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