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SKU# 95735
EUCHNER CES Category 4, Non-Contact Safety Systems are used to monitor the position of movable machine guarding by means of Inductive Coding. These systems are designed for use in areas where a high level of tamper resistance and safety is required. These systems feature an inductive read head, evaluation unit / safety module, and a digitally coded actuator. Unlike universally coded magnetic switches, the CES actuators are uniquely coded and cannot be bypassed by any means. The safety switch CET-AX with guard locking is based on the proven transponder principle. When used in conjunction with the CES evaluation unit, the system provides up to safety category 4.
  • Article: 95735
  • PDF Document PDF Document
  • Housing Shape: Single Slide
  • Read Head/Actuator: Read Head
  • Connection: M12 8-pin
  • Actuator Used: CET-A-BWK-50X
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