ESH-ARO Hinge Switch


Due to its small design, the safety hinge ESH is particularly suitable for applications in which robustness is required in combination with small dimensions. It combines the function of a door hinge with that of a safety switch. The ESH-ARO has a setting mechanism that allows for multiple readjustment of the operating point. This offers advantages especially when a guard is misaligned for example or a machine must be dismounted and rebuilt. Tamper protection does not have to be jeopardized: after adjusting the operating point, the setting mechanism is covered with a protective cap. A matching plain hinge is available for support of medium and larger doors.



  • Readjustable operating point
  • Sturdy metal housing made of die-cast zinc
  • Extremely robust design for high mechanical loads
  • High protection against tampering
  • Degree of protection IP 67 - oil and dust tight, and water resistant.


  • Two different contact arrangements available
  • Hinge with integrated safety function
  • Ideal use with hinged doors
    • 'dummy' hinge available
  • Suitable for aluminum profile
  • Connection via plug connectors
  • High protection against tampering


  • Die- cast zinc housing
  • IP67- oil and dust tight, and water resistant
    • Exceeds NEMA 4
  • 1M mechanical operations
  • -25 to + 70C ambient temperature
  • Contacts
    • 60 AC/DC, 3 Amp
    • Silver alloy
    • M12 Plug connector 5-pin

NOTE: ESH-ARO mounting screws should be M6x15 or longer.