EKS Light


The EUCHNER Electronic Key System (EKS) allows only authorized personnel to access machine controls and process parameters. The uniquely coded inductive key tags, can providing various levels of authorization. For example, different levels of access can be established for programming, maintenance, operation, etc. The EKS makes passwords obsolete.

As previously with the EKS, the Light version also permits controlled access to individual machines, entire installations or other facilities. With EKS Light, the device directly identifies a user by his Electronic-Key. A control system is not necessary for this check. If an authorized user was detected, an access level is output with which the user receives a certain authorization. The derivation of access rights onto machine functions is carried out through the programming of the control by the system intergrator.

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  • Robust construction
  • Use wear-free key tags
    • Inductive
    • Uniquely coded
  • Parameter assignment to the Electronic-Key adapter is performed using 10-position DIP switches
  • No maintenance
    • Battery free
  • Read/write key tags available
  • Selection of key colors (red, blue, black, green and yellow)


  • Easily integrated
    • Parameter assignment for the Electronic-Keys is performed via a programming station on the PC
  • Made for harsh environments
  • Secure with an infinite number of key tag combinations (116 Byte)
  • Not affected by magnetic fields
  • Easy to upgrade to an EKM single-user or full version later
  • Two operating modes for flexability
    • Exact match (1024 codes) and 'any bit'


  • Two component system
    • Read/write adapter
    • Key tags
      • Read/write key tag (116 Byte)
  • Environmental protection of IP67- oil and dust tight, and water resistant
    • Exceeding NEMA 4
  • Binary coded 4-bit parallel outputs plus strobe
  • Electronic-Key-Manager (EKM Light) Software
    • Parameter assignment for keys
    • Upgradable to EKS version

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