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Multifunctional Gate Box MGB2

MGB2 Modular

MGB2 Modular
The new MGB2 represents the consequent further development of the globally successful Multifunctional Gate Box MGB. A revised design, new and expanded functions, as well as a modular layout offer maximum flexibility. The MGB2 is more than just pure safeguarding. It makes it possible to integrate into one device all the relevant functions related to the safety guard.
MGB2 Classic

MGB2 Classic
The new safety door system MGB2 Classic is an enhancement of the globally successful Multifunctional Gate Box MGB from EUCHNER. Unlike the Modular variant, however, the Classic version does not communicate using a bus system. It is instead connected directly to the respective control system, making it the ideal choice for non-networked machines that are wired in parallel.