Product News 2017

Stainless Steel CTP Switch

Stainless Steel CTP

The new stainless steel CTP switch designed for the packaging and food industries is made for harsh conditions. Aggressive cleaning agents, acidic liquids and high-pressure cleaning devices can wear out regular parts faster and shorten the safety switch replacement interval. This is expensive and time consuming for the company operating the machine. Euchner relies on robust, tough and largely media-resistant stainless steel for guard locking devices used in such applications. Critical components such as plugs, cover screws and guide bushes, etc., consist of high-quality stainless steel in this new CTP variant.

New Actuator for CTP Switches

New CTP Actuator

The new actuator for CTP switches allows for stronger locking forces of up to 3900 Newtons. This new actuator is backwards compatible with all existing CTP switches already in operation and does not require any design adaptations for use. The unique transponder integrated into the actuator maximizes protection against tampering. CTP switches achieve category 4 / PL e and fulfill all requirements of EN ISO 14119. All CTP versions are characterized by a narrow design and the robust plastic housing with metal head. The high IP67 and IP69K degrees of protection make the CTP an all-rounder suitable for almost every industrial application.

Safety Light Curtains from Euchner


EUCHNER is expanding its industrial safety engineering product offerings by adding non-contact safety guards. The LCA series light grids and light curtains are used for access control and for securing danger areas. They are available as multi-beam light grids (two to four beams) or as light curtains with various resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. Light grids are ideally suited for access control, while light curtains are used in particular for protecting fingers, hands, arms and body detection.

Depending on the requirements for the location to be secured, EUCHNER offers type-2 and type-4 light grids and light curtains with different protective field heights and ranges.

Safety Switch CES-C04 for ATEX Applications


The transponder-coded CES-C04-AP/AR safety switches can now be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zone 2 (gases) and zone 22 (dusts). This is made possible by a specially developed plastic housing guard. The CES-C04 is simply placed into this guard. It effectively protects the safety switch against the effects of possible impacts and thereby meets the requirement in the ATEX directive. Status LED indications of the CES-C04 are readily visible through windows in the housing guard. Installed CES-C04 devices in the field can be retrofitted at any time.

More than simply safeguarding - the new MGB2 Modular


A revised design, new and expanded functions as well as a modular layout - the new MGB2 Modular is more than a simple safeguard device. Thanks to the modular design, the MGB2 Modular can be flexibly adapted to the specific application requirements of the safeguarded door. Designed to accept two configurable sub-modules, up to six control operators can be integrated into the base locking module. Sub-module replacement is possible at any time, as the MGB2 is hotpluggable. In tight spaces, the compact bus module (MBM) with integrated Profinet/Profisafe can be conveniently mounted remotely. Using MBM, connection of two MGB2 Modular systems is also possible, creating a very flexible solution.

Integrated controls - the new CTP-Extended


With the new CTP-Extended, it is possible to integrate up to three control and indicator elements into the switch cover. These make it possible to initiate control signals, such as Emergency stop, request to enter, and reset functionality, directly at the switch location. A separate controls housing is no longer required. In combination with a bolt system, the CTP-Extended represents a complete solution for safeguarded doors, including door handle and end stop.

No chance of getting locked-in - the new CTP-BI


The new CTP-BI has a Bi-stable locking function. When the operating voltage is switched off, the guard locking is maintained in its current position. This means that the safeguarded door remains either locked or unlocked, regardless of locking principle, until power is reapplied. The Bi-stable guardlocking solenoid therefore provides an additional measure of prevention of an individual becoming accidentally locked inside a guardlocked door, whether for service, maintenance, or cleaning.

Simple connection - MGB with EtherNet/IP


The MGB is a safety system with guard locking and guard lock monitoring for the protection of safety doors on machines and installations. In the EtherNet/IP version, we now also make the wiring easier for you. Comprehensive diagnostic information in the form of EtherNet/IP messages provide a fast and detailed overview of device status. You define which element is to be integrated and the related function.

For usage in potentially explosive atmospheres - the new CTP-EX


The transponder-coded safety switch CTP with guard locking has been expanded with a variant for usage in potentially explosive atmospheres. In the version CTP-EX, the safety switch can be used in zone 2 (gas environment) and zone 22 (dust environment). Various design measures such as an aditional protective enclosure have been provided and other measures have been taken to prevent the formation of sparks.

For operation as a standalone device - CEM-C40 with M12 plug connector


The new transponder-coded safety switch CEM-C40 with solenoid and integrated evaluation electronics is available from now on with M12 plug connector for simple connection to decentralized peripheral devices as well as for operation as a standalone device.