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EUCHNER – More than safety.

CES-I-BR-CC-FLX-C07-SA-165914 (Order no. 165914)

Non-contact safety switches CES-I-BR-CC-FLX-C07, with FlexFunction, suitable for actuators with same coding

  • Safety switch with integrated evaluation electronics
  • Suitable for actuator with same coding
  • Several devices can be connected in series, max. 20
  • Switch chains up to 200 m long
  • 2 safety outputs (semiconductor outputs)
  • Short circuit monitoring
  • Diagnostic information via BR IO-Link Gateway
  • Category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Three active faces
  • Plug connector M12, 8-pin (aligned)
  • The safety switch can be used only in conjunction with actuators designated for this purpose.
CES-I-BR-CC-FLX-C07-SA-165914 (Order no. 165914)


Installation position

Permissible installation position

Industry 4.0 ready

The switch can communicate in combination with an EUCHNER BR IO-Link Gateway, and sends process and device data to higher-level control systems. Comprehensive diagnostic messages enable rapid and targeted troubleshooting.

Highly coded evaluation

The actuators of a packaging unit must be assigned to the safety switch by a teach-in operation so that they are detected by the system. This unambiguous assignment ensures a particularly high level of protection against tampering. The system thus possesses a high coding level.

The coding is identical for all the actuators in a packaging unit. Actuators from different packaging units are coded differently. Only one actuator from a packaging unit has to be taught-in. All other actuators from the same package can be used without an additional teach-in operation.

The switch detects only taught-in actuators. When an actuator from a new packaging unit is taught-in, the code for actuators from the previous packaging unit is disabled.

Category according to EN 13849-1

Due to two redundantly designed semiconductor outputs (safety outputs) with internal monitoring suitable for:

  • Category 4/PL e according to EN 13849-1

Important: To achieve the stated category according to EN ISO 13849-1, both safety outputs (FO1A and FO1B) must be evaluated.

LED indicator


Status LED


Diagnostics LED

Terminal assignment

1FI1BEnable input for channel B
2UBPower supply, DC 24 V
3FO1ASafety output, channel A
4FO1BSafety output, channel B
5OD/CMonitoring output/communication
6FI1AEnable input for channel A
70 VGround, DC 0 V


The caps for the mounting holes are included.

Dimension drawing
Dimension drawing
Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings
2Active face
3With the installation orientation shown: cable outlet on left or right

Connection examples

Connection examples

Technical data


EAC_RU C-DE.MO05.B.00971/20TUEV Süd München_Z10 040393 0031 Rev. 02ECOLAB__


Repeat accuracy R
according to EN 60947-5-2 <= 10

Electrical connection values

external (operating voltage) 0.25 ... 8 A
rated conditional short-circuit current 100 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui 300 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 1.5 kV
Operating voltage DC
UB 24 V DC -15% ... +15% regulated, residual ripple<5%, PELV
Turn-on time
Safety outputs max. 100 ms
EMC protection requirements Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3 max. 125 ms
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3, extension for each additional device max. 10 ms
Safety class III
Current consumption 40 mA
Degree of contamination (external, according to EN 60947-1) 3
Monitoring output OD/C
Output type p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage UB-1.5 ... UB V DC
Switching current 1 ... 50 mA
Safety outputs FO1A / FO1B
Output type Semiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage
HIGH U(FO1A) / U(FO1B) UB-1.5V ... UB V DC (Values at a switching current of 50 mA without taking into account the cable lengths.)
LOW U(FO1A) / U(FO1B) 0 ... 1 V DC
Discrepancy time max. 10 ms
Utilization category
DC-13 24 V 150 mA (Caution: outputs must be protected with a free-wheeling diode in case of inductive loads.)
Off-state current Ir max. 0.25 mA
Switching current 1 ... 150 mA
Test pulse duration 0.3 ms (Applies to a load with C<= 30 nF and R<= 20 kohm)
Test pulse interval ca 100 ms

Mechanical values and environment

Dimensions 40 x 26.5 x 18
Connection type M12 plug connector, 8-pin
Tightening torque max. 0.8 Nm
Ready delay 5 s
Operating altitude max. 4 000 m
Installation orientation any
Switching frequency max. 1 Hz
Mounting distance
between 2 switches or 2 actuators min. 50 mm
Mounting type Surface mounting on metal
Shock and vibration resistance Acc. to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Degree of protection IP65/IP67/IP69/IP69K
Ambient temperature
at UB = 24 V DC -25 ... +55 °C (+65 °C at IL= max. 10 mA per safety output)
Housing Plastic, PBT-PC-GF30

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

Mission time
according to EN ISO 13849-1
according to EN 62061:2005/A2:2015

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

PLMaximum SILPFHDCategoryMission time
Monitoring of the guard positionPL e36x10-10420 y


The following applies to the approval according to UL Operation only with UL Class 2 power supply or equivalent measures
Additional feature Caps included

In combination with actuator S-C07-04-V02-165928

Switch-on distance
Installation position C + D 7 mm
Installation position A + B 13 mm
Secured switch-off distance sar
in x direction/installation position A + B max. 20 mm
in x direction/installation position C + D max. 17 mm
Secured switching distance sao
in x direction/installation position C min. 3 mm
in x direction/installation position D min. 2 mm
in x direction/installation position A min. 10 mm
in x direction/installation position B min. 9 mm
Switching hysteresis 1 ... 2 mm



Complete package

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  • Any data sheets to supplement the operating instructions
  • The declaration of conformity
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Ordering data

Ordernumber 165914
Item designation CES-I-BR-CC-FLX-C07-SA-165914
Gross weight 0,061kg
Customs tariff number 85365019
ECLASS 27-27-24-03 Safety-related transponder switch

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Technical support
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