AS-Interface Bus System: Actuator Sensor Interface


Electromechanical safety switches with AS-Interface

The product group of electromechanical safety switches with integrated connection to AS-i Safety at Work includes interlocking devices with safety function and with separate actuator, as well as guard locking devices. The switches with safety function are of metal design, and various actuating systems are available. Safety switches with separate actuator are also available in plastic in various sizes for different installation options on safety doors. Guard locking devices are available both in plastic with metal head and entirely in metal such that different locking forces are possible. With guard locking devices both the position of the safety door and the position of the guard locking solenoid can be monitored.

Transponder-coded safety switches with AS-Interface

Transponder-coded safety switches are available both as a guard locking device, as well as an interlocking device of type 4. Unicode and multicode devices are available in both product groups. The interlocking devices feature a particularly compact read head design on the safety door. The guard locking device is a particularly robust solution with a very high locking force that meets PL e due to the integrated transponder technology.

Magnetically coded safety switches with AS-Interface

Magnetically coded safety systems are compact non-contact safety switches of type 4. Two different size designs are available. An LED is integrated into the large design such that direct signaling at the safety door is possible; this feature can be programmed as required.

Enabling switch with AS-Interface

The three-stage enabling switches from Euchner have been proven for many years and feature an ergonomic design. The housing is very robust, and tampering with simple means is not possible. Two different series are available. One is restricted to the pure enabling function; on the other 2 additional pushbuttons are integrated that make possible convenient single-handed operation, for example, for direction selection.

Safety monitors with AS-Interface

AS-i safety monitors are programmable small safe control systems that are able to monitor all safety components connected to an AS-i bus. Single-channel, dual-channel and four-channel devices are available. Profibus gateways with integrated monitor are available as integrated solutions. These devices are also used as AS-i masters. One or two AS-i masters can be integrated. This feature makes it possible to set up also large AS-i networks. An excellent diagnostic function is integrated via the display.

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