Actuators, Bolts, and Accessories

Mechanical Actuators

Mechanical actuators are used with Euchner safety switches. Actuators are available for both Plastic housing and Metal housing switches.

CMS Actuators

Coded Magnet Actuators are used with Euchner CMS non-contact safety switches.
CMS actuators can be found in the CMS catalog with their respective Read Heads.

CES Actuators

RFID Actuators are used with Euchner CES non-contact safety switches.
CES actuators can be found in the CES catalog with their respective Read Heads.


Bolts are used with any of the Euchner safety switches and some of the non-contact switches to allow for handle for easy door access. The actuator mounted on the handle is pulled out of the actuator head of the safety switch. In addition to standard bolts, Euchner also offers bolts with emergency release.

Cables / Connectors

Cables and electrical connectors are available in standard metric sizes and in DIN 43651 configurations.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Accessories are items such as cables, cable glands, LED's, lockout bars, adapters, mounting plates and many other features to complete your switch installation.

Plastic Switch Accessories
Metal Switch Accessories
Coded Magnet CMS Accessories
RFID CES Accessories
MGB Accessories
LCA Accessories
Handwheel Dials
AC-DP Passive Distribution Module
Plug/Socket Connectors
Trip Dogs and Trip Rails