Rope Pull Switch - RPS


EUCHNER Rope Pull Switch (RPS switch) provide protection across large areas, compared to an Estop button. Operation is possible along the whole rope length, and not just a small area within reach of the switch. The RPS switch triggers with an increase (pulling) or decrease in tension (severing) of the safety cable or pushing of the E-stop with redundant safety and monitoring contacts. The RPS switch is Reset with a twist of the reset dial while proper rope tension is present. The RPS rope pull switch is then ready for operation. The RPS makes installation quick and easy with a built-in tension adjustment knob and rope tension indication window.

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  • Quick and easy rope installation
    • Built-in clamp
    • Tension adjustment knob
    • Rope tension window
  • 4 contacts (2 safety and 2 annunciation contacts)
  • Capable of cable lengths up to 246 feet
  • 3 cable entries
  • Versions with LED's


  • All-in-one design requiring less accessories
  • Narrow housing version (40 mm)
    • Perfect for extruded aluminum guarding (30 mm mounting)
  • Metal housing version - pull to reset
  • Integrated E-stop
  • Simple twist reset
  • Pre-wired plug connector


  • Reinforced thermoplastic housing
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Environmental protection IP67- oil and dust tight, and water resistant
  • Ambient operating temperature -20 to 80C
  • Three cable length versions
    • 0 - 82 feet (RPS..100)
    • 82 - 123 feet (RPS..175)
    • 123 - 246 feet (RPS..300)
  • Silver alloy, gold flashed Contacts

RPS switch mounting screws should be M5x45 or longer.
RPS-M switch mounting screws should be M6x35 or longer.

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