Insertion Funnel
Typically used to help protect switch heads and guide inexactly positioned actuators as they enter the switch.
Auxiliary devices to adapt a new product feature.
Mounting Plate/Bracket
Products to assist in mounting switches and other devices.
Illuminated signals used to indicate status.
Connection Set
Removable terminals for electronic modules.
Cable Glands
Used to securely seal cables where they enter a device.
Lockout Bar
Securely prevent acutators from entering a safety switch.
Keys and locks to restrict access to manual release operators.
Cables and handles for safety switch manual release functions.
Protective Plate
Act as shields against potential damage to exposed actuators.
Seal Kit
Lead and wire sealing of safety switch manual release operators.
Switching Element
Replaceable contact blocks contained in single and multiple limit switches.
RPS Accessories
Rope Pull Switch mounting and function expansion accessories.
Switch Head
Replaceable switch heads for certain safety switch lines.
Replaceable locking or unlocking solenoids for certain switch lines.
Roller Arm/Rod Lever/Plunger
Type 1 operators for certain position switch lines.
Control Modules, pushbuttons, mounting plates, escape release modules.