Euchner-USA Products

Euchner Safety Products consist of safety interlock switches, safety relays, enabling switches, evaluation modules, MGB products, non-contact magnetic coding, RFID coding technologies and rope pull switches.

Euchner Automation Products Euchner provides precision single and multiple limit switches, single hole fixing limit switches, position switches and RFID identification systems.

Euchner Man-Machine Products interface operators and machinery. Euchner offers joysticks, hand-held pendants, electronic handwheels and EKS technology (electronic access management) for PCs and PLCs.

Euchner-USA has two additional product lines:
ASO Safety Solutions includes Contact Edges, Bumpers and Safety Mats.
REER includes Safety and Automation Light Curtains, and Safety Controllers.


Safety Interlock Switches:

Safety interlock switches have the task of preventing the operation of a machine in the case of a potential hazard. The machine safety circuit must be opened by the safety switch. The NC switching contacts are separated positively when safety guarding is opened.

Coded Magnet

Non-Contact Coded Magnet Safety Switches:

Non-Contact Coded Magnet Safety switches prevent machine operation in the case of a potential hazard.

Non-contact RFID

Non-Contact RFID Safety Switches:

Non-Contact RFID Safety switches prevent machine operation in the case of a potential hazard.

Enabling Switches

Enabling Switches:

Designed to operate in only one position enabling switches causing a stop condition in any other position (in accordance with NFPA 79).

Safety Systems

Safety Relays (or Safety Systems):

Designed to evaluate connected safety components and reliably turn off hazardous machine functions in the event of an unsafe condition.

Rope Pull Switches

Rope Pull Switches:

Rope Pull Switches provide protection across large areas, compared to an Estop button. The RPS switch can be triggered with an increase in tension (pulling) or decrease in tension (severing) of the safety cable anywhere along the rope length.

Estop Buttons

Emergency Stop buttons:

Emergency Stop buttons are intended to avert an impending hazard for personnel, damage to machinery or work in progress, or to alleviate existing hazards, and they are to be triggered by a single user action. E-stops are required to be a red mushroom-head button with a yellow background.

ASi Products

AS Interface "Safe At Work":

ASI Gateway, ASI Module, ASI Safety Switches, ASI Enabling, ASI Non-Contact with separate actuator, ASI Non-Contact with separate actuator and locking.

Limit Switches

Limit Switches:

Used for the control, positioning and monitoring of Machinery and Industrial Equipment. Switches are available for temperatures ranges down to -40 and up to +180C.



EUCHNER Industrial Joysticks are manually actuated motion control devices for installation in control and front panels as well as in portable control equipment.


Pendant Stations:

Hand held control devices that allow tasks such as machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance to be performed at the point of operation.



EUCHNER electronic handwheels are manual pulse generators used primarily for positioning of axes on CNC machinery. Our unique "magnetic detent" provides years of reliable wear-free operation.


Access Control (EKS):

The EUCHNER Electronic Key System (EKS) allows only authorized personnel to access machine controls and process parameters.

ID Coding

Ident Systems:

EUCHNER Inductive Identification Systems permit contact-free identification of pallets, work pieces and parts in a dynamic manufacturing environment.

REER Products

REER - Light Curtains, Safety Controllers

REER manufactures and sells its safety products across Europe and North America, and they perform 100% testing on all their products. The safety light curtain line is one of the most complete offerings in the market. REER also has the flexible Mosaic safety controller line.

ASO Products

ASO - Edges, Bumbers and Mats

ASO develops, produces and sells Safety contact edges, mats and bumpers as well as control and sensor elements. ASO Safety can be found on automatic doors and gates, on machines and transport systems worldwide.

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